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What Choices Do You Have If You Want To Customize A Sex Doll?

Choosing the right realistic sex doll is not hard once you have your ideal woman in mind. But sometimes even though we know what we want, when you are torn between two or more options, we likely end up making harder decisions. Sex dolls just like any normal dolls needs some lovin’. However, sex dolls need a lot of attention to detail compared to normal dolls. That’s because you have the option to choose all the configurations in your sex dolls. Since all normal dolls like Barbie are pretty generic, you have no options or whatsoever.

How To Customize A Sex Doll

The moment you ordered online, you will be directed to a lot of different hot sex dolls models. You are given this type of configuration:

Hair – As we all know, realistic sex dolls doesn’t have a hair. We know that they are only wearing wigs, so you need to choose from long hair to short hair. It’s best when you have an idea of what sex doll you like before purchasing. That way, you will have lesser time to think. But since it’s natural for men to shop faster than women, it will be easy.

Hair Color – Do you want the same typical blonde like you? Or maybe go for brunette? They also have red haired toy slut. Or go for the black Asian look? Fortunately, the hair is probably the easiest part to assemble, so you don’t need to exert effort for the hair dye you like for your sex machine.

Breast Cup Size – This is interesting although we don’t actually know what these cup sizes all about. Guys, would probably exert effort for this. Despite that male dominant species want a pair of big breasts but how big should it be? Is it as big as watermelons? Or not too big for great squeezing and nipple biting of your realistic sex doll?

Vagina – Do you like it fixed or built-in? How long is the slit? 40 or 80? You need to know your penis size so you will if its too tight or too loose for your size.

Mouth – The third of the three orifices. You will have options of a tight lip or it’s slightly open? This is another great feature of customized sex dolls.

Anus – There aren’t enough options for this. Just make sure that your sex doll has this feature.