Is It Easy To Hide A Sex Doll When Not Using It?

There is nothing wrong with owning a sex doll. It has been one of the most well-known sex toys used by men. With human-like parts and features, you won’t need to have an actual human partner just to fulfill your sexual needs. Since most sex dolls come in life-sized forms, they could totally pass as humans, making them the perfect alternatives when it comes to getting it on, especially if you are on your own.

But since these are for private use only, you surely will never let anyone else know your guilty pleasure. Except only when you are open enough to let everyone know about it, you tend to keep your sex doll away from the eyes of other people – whether they be your family, friends, loved ones or just visitors in your house, who are likely not used to see such objects. Surely you don’t want them to see some questionable display in your home, right? But is hiding a sex doll just as easy as hiding a bedsheet stain?

Keeping Sex Dolls the Proper Way

Things such as hiding a sex doll can be easy as long as you know what to do with and where you can easily place and access it. Sex doll ownership would surely raise some questionable things about you, especially if you happen to have an actual partner. Unless your partner is open-minded enough to accept your sex doll use, you better do something to hide it.

  • Know what your sex doll is made of. If it is inflatable, then deflate it. If it is made of silicone, then you can disassemble the parts.
  • There are various places where you can hide your sex doll: it can be under your bed, inside a lockable box, suitcases, and other large but unsuspicious areas or containers. If you have an extra room, make sure than you can lock it so no one can open it.
  • Do not just hide them in whatever place you want and leave them just right there. Much better, surround them with other objects or whatever you have to hide them further. This will surely help since no one would really be able to see them, even if they look into those areas.
  • If you hid them in containers, better store other items with your doll in the same container in order to hide the doll further and avoid suspicion.

What Are Mini Love Dolls?

Love and Other Things

There are a lot of things that are happening in our life. With our everyday jobs, there are times when we might feel exhausted and bored with our lives. We feel the unending cycle of everyday work and personal worries. There comes a time that we might feel that we want to relax and remove some stress in our life. Now, there are numerous ways to find relaxation and comfort.

If you are looking for the perfect stress-reliever, and you are an adventurous person, then you might be interested in sex dolls. Sex dolls are alternatives to achieve sexual pleasure in your own way. They provide the same sexual pleasure as what your sex partners do. But in this case, you are going to order them in a sex toy store, and you have to pay the price of your preferred sex object.

Now, there are a lot of sex dolls available in the market depending on your preference. If you want something with bigger breasts, or if you are turned on with sexy curves, the sex industry has the perfect love doll for you. With that, you just have to have the right amount for it.

Mini Versions for Your Sex Dolls

Aside from the things mentioned above, another type of love doll is the mini love dolls. Obviously, they are still the same as the typical sex dolls in the market, the only difference is the size of its body. The great mini love dolls are created because of the increasing demand for it in the market. Some customers are greatly interested in small sex dolls because of a unique fetish for it.

Now, for these minis, you don’t have to worry about the orifices. Everything will perfectly fit in it and it may add extra pleasure because of its size. It is true that some people like their sexual partners as petite ones or small. Luckily for them, these mini sex dolls became a trend in the sex toys industry.

Get Things Done with Mini Things

It is true that you should not judge a thing because of its size. Who knows? Maybe the smaller ones will make you feel happier in some ways you cannot imagine. Whatever the size of a certain object, if t is within your preference, then you will feel the greatest pleasure your heart can muster.

How Manufacturers Make Sure Their Sex Dolls Are Realistic

There is an ongoing controversy in the sex doll industry. Recently, a robotic vibrator was banned from being shown at one of the most prestigious consumer tech events in Las Vegas, the CES. This event features innovative products that have to do with science and technology; gadgets, appliances and other sophisticated top-of-the-line technological advancements – and it was supposed to include one of the first hyper-realistic sex dolls ever. Harmony (that’s her name) is an AI-enabled sex machine, catering to those who love sex and technology together.

Sex dolls with artificial intelligence are the latest addition to the sex doll. They are now capable of playing recorded videos and audios as you fuck them. So it can add additional spice to your daily love sessions with your fucking machine, when you hear a pre-recorded moan or dirty talk from a whore or your favorite pornstar. But other than this new gimmick, what makes these dolls so realistic that you would actually to have sex with them?

When Sex Dolls Become Realistic

Sex doll makers have been in the market for quite some time. Through research and continuous development, they managed to create surprisingly realistic sex dolls. From the doll’s body material, a doll made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) or silicone, to the physical features that mimic a real woman, it’s totally amazing how far love dolls have come from the days they were basically a plastic blow-up doll with no realistic features.

Intricate details like the color of their eyes, eye brows, pout or thin lips now have been added to the choice of build and complexion. White women, Asian women, European women. black American beauties are all readily available, as are choices in the sizes of their breasts and butts – add that to the feel of a realistic vagina and fuckable mouth, and you have an ultra-realistic love doll.

Additional Realistic Features

Aside from creating a real life replica of a vagina, you can have sex doll manufacturers modify the toy’s body parts depending on your liking. Sex doll makers also offer real pornstar dolls, letting you fuck an exact replica of these pornstars (since you can’t actually take them home). Kaylani, Elektra, and Samantha (you know their last names) are just a few of the porn star dolls you can buy if you want to spend some big money. In addition, these dolls have torsos and legs that can bend and flex to your desired sexual position, so whether you prefer missionary or doggie style, it’s possible with the latest version of realistic sex dolls.

Is A Sex Doll Anatomically Correct?

We all have our own body parts that we don’t like. We all have our own flaws that might lose our confidence. Even in relationships and sex, there will always be lacking. That’s why, it’s perfectly right to rely on a realistic sex doll, because they are customized, they are perfect in every way.

One of the things that makes these love dolls attractive is that they are your ideal men or women so that makes them physically attractive and anatomically correct in look and feel. With these customizations, you can choose the color of eyes, hair and skin. Whether it’s rounded like the eyes of a fantasy character and lips like Kylie Jenner, or if they have a big boobs like a Victoria Secret model, you can make it possible with the realistic sex dolls.

Sex Doll Customization

Currently, there are now a lot of customizations that you can do with the sex dolls. With the variety of choices you can choose from appearance and body parts. Realistic sex dolls may not be new in the market. Compared to the previous decades where it’s taboo to even buy one, this generation has accepted the sex doll industry. In addition, sex dolls before was just a luxury that not everyone will afford. And if ever you have one, each body parts could cost you a lot. Today, sex doll makers wants to extend their global market so they created love dolls that can be afforded by many individuals.

Skin Texture

The body parts of a realistic love doll will either be TPE or Silicone.  It’s important to choose the right type of texture that you want in you sex dolls. However, if you opt for the silicone, expect to add additional cash as this is an expensive material.

Body Parts

What’s great about realistic sex doll is that it’s still a doll, so if ever a body part is destroyed, you can easily change or repair it. They also have tons of body choices with different vital statistics which goes from a petite to even a pregnant sex doll. They also have male sex dolls for women or other orientation who wants a realistic dick. They also offer different arms and legs at different lengths. Thus, you can configure the right shape and size of the body making it anatomically correct just like a real human.

Breasts and Vagina

This is the selling point why sex dolls are known for. Sex dolls have realistic boobs as soft and delicate as a real breasts. And a moist vagina that has body heating technology to give you the right moist, touch, feel and warmth of a real vagina when your dick is inside.

What Choices Do You Have If You Want To Customize A Sex Doll?

Choosing the right realistic sex doll is not hard once you have your ideal woman in mind. But sometimes even though we know what we want, when you are torn between two or more options, we likely end up making harder decisions. Sex dolls just like any normal dolls needs some lovin’. However, sex dolls need a lot of attention to detail compared to normal dolls. That’s because you have the option to choose all the configurations in your sex dolls. Since all normal dolls like Barbie are pretty generic, you have no options or whatsoever.

How To Customize A Sex Doll

The moment you ordered online, you will be directed to a lot of different hot sex dolls models. You are given this type of configuration:

Hair – As we all know, realistic sex dolls doesn’t have a hair. We know that they are only wearing wigs, so you need to choose from long hair to short hair. It’s best when you have an idea of what sex doll you like before purchasing. That way, you will have lesser time to think. But since it’s natural for men to shop faster than women, it will be easy.

Hair Color – Do you want the same typical blonde like you? Or maybe go for brunette? They also have red haired toy slut. Or go for the black Asian look? Fortunately, the hair is probably the easiest part to assemble, so you don’t need to exert effort for the hair dye you like for your sex machine.

Breast Cup Size – This is interesting although we don’t actually know what these cup sizes all about. Guys, would probably exert effort for this. Despite that male dominant species want a pair of big breasts but how big should it be? Is it as big as watermelons? Or not too big for great squeezing and nipple biting of your realistic sex doll?

Vagina – Do you like it fixed or built-in? How long is the slit? 40 or 80? You need to know your penis size so you will if its too tight or too loose for your size.

Mouth – The third of the three orifices. You will have options of a tight lip or it’s slightly open? This is another great feature of customized sex dolls.

Anus – There aren’t enough options for this. Just make sure that your sex doll has this feature.

How Do You Properly Clean A Love Doll?

Everybody Needs Some Loving

Love is something special to have and it is nice to feel it from time to time. I believe that everybody needs some loving and it could make us happy and feel better as well. Well, we can get it from the people that are close to us and these companions are very nice to have. You won’t replace them with anything in this world.

However, sexually speaking, it is something that may be included in every person’s needs. Sex has been essential in relationships as it adds some spice to it. There are different types of sexual relationships. From regular vanilla stuff up to BDSM or a kinky femdom relationship that can be really extreme. Moreover, it also makes couples closer than ever or put their passion and love to each other much better and more special.

But not all people are lucky that they have someone to have hot live sex with even if it is for casual purposes. These people find it hard to have someone to do these deeds with. That’s why a lot of people tend to go use some sex toys or even sex dolls to release this urge that they are having.

Having A Sex Doll

Well, getting a sex doll is way easier in today’s world as you can order them online and these companies will directly bring it to you very smoothly. That’s why having them could be so much fun and we should take good care of it as much as possible. It could be a problem if cleaning a love doll is something that you don’t do because after some time, it may be damaged, and you may need a replacement for it.

Well, if you don’t know a thing about cleaning a love doll, you can learn it very easily. The first thing you can do is to know the type of material that is used in your love doll. You may need soap, water, a sponge, a cloth and baby powder. Simply, it is like showering yourself, but you should avoid getting the neck or the head too wet because it may destroy its form or form rust in the process. The soap and sponge are needed to wash the entire body of the doll and you can do this process as well when cleaning its private parts. You should be careful in drying it because it may peel off its skin if you have used too much pressure.

Remember that you should do these things very carefully so that you can avoid damaging them. Well, you may search for some tips on the web for further information about the sex doll maintenance.

Big Key To How Realistic Your Sex Doll Is: Her Skeleton

For the Love of Sex

People have grown to love sex and they have become more aware and knowledgeable about this topic. In the media, a lot of shows are including sex in their material to show how realistic their contents are. Moreover, the internet is a portal of a lot of porn sites in which you can watch millions of millions of sex videos and you can do it whenever and wherever you want to assume you have a workable device and a reliable internet connection. There are are also sites with top rated cam girls available online and websites taking care of budget offering info about cheap sexcams.

That’s why we get to try a lot of stuff when it comes to bed and doing these things give us some kind of memorable experience. With that said, lots of materials are created for this kind of function which is the idea of satisfying our sexual needs. Things like sex toys, supplements or even sex dolls are being created to make us get the satisfaction that we need.

Talking about Sex Dolls

If you are one of the people that would love to try new things when it comes to sex, these sex dolls could be the right one for you. These replicas of women can compensate with your sexual needs as it can withstand various positions because of the sex doll skeleton. It is the key to why sex dolls offer some kind worthy experience for everyone who is going to use it.

With the sex doll skeleton, you can maneuver its body to various positions that you like, and you can get to release your sexual urge with it. What’s even more amazing is that it can handle strong pressure so you can do wild and nasty things with it anytime you want as it was proven to be strong enough on various types of movements.

With that said, this structure paves the way for how realistic one’s experience would be. Some have said that it feels so real that you may have thought that you are having live sex with a woman. Isn’t that an amazing thing to know? Moreover, its availability has become much easier and way more convenient because you can get it on the web and all you need to do is to wait for it to come in your doorsteps.

All-in-all, these love dolls offer a brand-new experience especially for those who are looking for something new that could help in spicing up one’s sex lives. Well, you may try on your own for you to see how realistic sex doll experience will be.