Month: January 2020

Is It Easy To Hide A Sex Doll When Not Using It?

There is nothing wrong with owning a sex doll. It has been one of the most well-known sex toys used by men. With human-like parts and features, you won’t need to have an actual human partner just to fulfill your sexual needs. Since most sex dolls come in life-sized forms, they could totally pass as humans, making them the perfect alternatives when it comes to getting it on, especially if you are on your own.

But since these are for private use only, you surely will never let anyone else know your guilty pleasure. Except only when you are open enough to let everyone know about it, you tend to keep your sex doll away from the eyes of other people – whether they be your family, friends, loved ones or just visitors in your house, who are likely not used to see such objects. Surely you don’t want them to see some questionable display in your home, right? But is hiding a sex doll just as easy as hiding a bedsheet stain?

Keeping Sex Dolls the Proper Way

Things such as hiding a sex doll can be easy as long as you know what to do with and where you can easily place and access it. Sex doll ownership would surely raise some questionable things about you, especially if you happen to have an actual partner. Unless your partner is open-minded enough to accept your sex doll use, you better do something to hide it.

  • Know what your sex doll is made of. If it is inflatable, then deflate it. If it is made of silicone, then you can disassemble the parts.
  • There are various places where you can hide your sex doll: it can be under your bed, inside a lockable box, suitcases, and other large but unsuspicious areas or containers. If you have an extra room, make sure than you can lock it so no one can open it.
  • Do not just hide them in whatever place you want and leave them just right there. Much better, surround them with other objects or whatever you have to hide them further. This will surely help since no one would really be able to see them, even if they look into those areas.
  • If you hid them in containers, better store other items with your doll in the same container in order to hide the doll further and avoid suspicion.